Working For Us

DHU Health Care CIC has a dedicated and highly motivated workforce with a strong history of attracting and retaining loyal and committed staff.  Our staff have backgrounds in other parts of the health community and many of them retain their skills and knowledge by also working with us.  A high percentage of the General Practitioners (GP) we use are local based practitioners. Successful delivery of our range of services is dependent on having our motivated and skilled staff and we continue to review the skills mix in the company through the active recruitment of appropriate and diverse staff.  We believe DHU is a great organisation to work for. We strive for excellence and have a proven commitment to training and developing staff, mind ensuring that company-funded training is targeted at the skills that the company needs now and in the future, ailment across all staff groups, both clinical and non-clinical.

Our substantial Education and Training Division encompasses all mandatory training within the company which includes training on Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults and Information Governance. We also offer our sessional GPs supported training days, a system of alerts on clinical issues accessed via a login-protected area of our website and other professional support services. Programmes of targeted clinical training have been developed to ensure ongoing professional development so that clinical staff are up to date with recent developments including the Unwell Child, NICE guidelines, mental health and responding to learning outcomes from complaints and incidents. Within the DHU staff appraisal process, individual objectives and targets are set which are related to the Company’s corporate objectives. The overall aim of this scheme is to maximise individual employee effectiveness and potential. DHU Career Brochure Nurse Advisor to Nurse Practitioner