What is RightCare? RightCare is a scheme which was designed by Derbyshire Health United (DHU) clinicians to ensure that seamless patient care takes place out of hours, when GP practices are closed. RightCare is designed for patients with long term conditions and complex healthcare needs, including end of life patients. The scheme helps to prevent unnecessary admissions to hospital and attendance at A&E, lower patient anxiety, provides reassurance and allows patients to access the most appropriate healthcare and advice quickly.

Who would benefit from RightCare?

The service is suitable for people with complex health problems and long term conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), those requiring palliative care, frequent users of Accident and Emergency (A&E) and 999, also some people with Mental Health Conditions and Learning Difficulties.

How does RightCare work?

The scheme is devised around use of the RightCare Plan which is devised with the patient by their own GP or other health care professional e.g. District Nurse, Community Matron, etc. and then shared with DHU, by secure e-mail. The plan is valid for up to 6 months and is kept on a database at DHU which is the Out-of-Hours GP service in Derbyshire. DHU currently share the information with NHS Direct, East Midlands Ambulance Service, Royal Derby Hospitals and Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

When should patients contact RightCare?

Patients should contact RightCare when their own GP surgery is closed and they feel unwell. Patients will have their own copy of the RightCare Plan, which will help them decide when further medical help is needed.

How do patients contact RightCare?

Patients will have the dedicated RightCare Number which is shown on the RightCare Plan which will put them in contact with Derbyshire Health United directly. The patient will speak to a call handler from Derbyshire Health United in the first instance, usually within 60 seconds. The medical team at DHU will be able to access the current and relevant medical details on the RightCare Plan, which will enable the Clinician to organise the most appropriate medical care. This could be telephone advice, Primary Care Centre appointment, home visit by a health professional or referral to hospital if appropriate etc.

If you think yourself or someone you know may benefit from the scheme please contact your GP surgery or Community Matron/District Nurse to ask about RightCare. For further information please contact the RightCare Team on 0844 7420501