What is Patient and Public Involvement at DHU?

Sometimes people who use NHS services feel they don’t have a strong enough voice to change aspects of their overall healthcare. The introduction of patient and public involvement is part of a process to help staff and the community have a stronger local voice. Our internal strategy commenced in December 2007 when the Board adopted the strategy document and an action plan to begin operating. To understand patient and public involvement please read through the strategy document. This helps with background information including the national context. You can download the document by clicking here. The document will open in a new window.

The key objective is to develop an internal culture, to set up effective processes, to increase involvement and translating outputs from involvement into actions. We feel we are progressing well. Patient and Public Involvement is on the agenda at every monthly Derbyshire Health United Board meeting and every monthly Clinical Governance meeting where progress, ideas for the future are discussed and agreed. The Clinical Director is responsible for Patient and Public Involvement devolving operating responsibility to the independent Non-Executive Director.

This work is supported by dedicated Clinical Governance and administrative staff. The main thrust of public engagement has commenced with the production of a periodic news leaflet, DHU Health Care CIC involvement in health related groups in Derbyshire and by meeting with organised groups. This currently consists of Over 50’s forums and patient forums when an explanation of how to contact DHU Health Care CIC and then what we do.