How to Engage in our Patient and Public Involvement Initiative

Currently there are two main ways that you can become involved with this objective of improving our service to the public and patients in Derbyshire. If you would like to be involved in our patient and public involvement schemes please visit our Contact Us section Contact us through email or phone. We will send you a pack consisting of:

  • The latest news leaflet
  • A questionnaire
  • A prepaid envelope

If you have accessed our service either recently or in the past tell us of your experience (good or bad). If a close friend or relation has relevant experience let us know. If you have not needed our services recently but have ideas for improvement, want to know more or feel you can and want to engage with us – fill in the questionnaire. – We will put you on our mailing list and regularly send you a pack. Every response will be recorded, read and where possible acted upon and you will be helping is shape and improve our services. All comments will be dealt with confidentially. If you are a group and hold regular meetings and would welcome a speaker who will inform your members about the out of hours medical service in Derbyshire please invite us along. Most people don’t know who we are. Many don’t know what to do when they need a clinician when their doctor’s surgery is closed. We do and will talk about:

  • What we do
  • When we do it
  • How we work
  • Where we operate from
  • How we link with our health services.

If your meeting would value explanation, or an out of hours leaflet then invite us along, it will take only between 20-30 minutes for us to inform them of our services. Once again contact us by telephone (mentioning Patient and Public Involvement) or email and we will negotiate a date for our meeting.